The latest Google Algorithm Updates You Need To Know for 2022 

Google has recently launched many significant updates and changes in terms of Local Ranking. Most of the updates are currently live in the USA and UK. However, according to some experts and Local SEOs in those regions, the business listings placement on the Google local map pack has changed. We will cover all the changes that would affect the Local Search Ranking in 2022.

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Google is rolling out the new map and local interface in the search

Google will show local results on the left and a map on the right of those results. Google is rolling out a new local pack and map design in the Google Search results. The new design moves the map to the right side of the local search results, often called a “local pack,” for the desktop search results.

Google spokesperson said, “We’re constantly exploring ways to connect people with the helpful information that they’re seeking. We’re currently rolling out an update to the Search interface on the desktop so when people search for places or businesses nearby, like ‘parks near me’ or ‘restaurants near me,’ they’ll easily see local results on the left and a map on the right. We expect this to be broadly available over the coming weeks.”

The new design. Here is a screenshot showing the map to the right side of the local search results:

Google Local Pack New Design

 The old design. This is the old design with the map at the top and the local results below the map:

Google Local Pack Old Design

Why it’s important? Your local listings placement may change due to the new design because the local search results are now higher up on the desktop search results page since the map is moved from the top to the right side of the page. 

On any occasion, check the queries that you rank well for in your new Google Business Profile insights and see how they appear in desktop search. For more information on your ranking result changes and keywords that you rank for, please get in touch with us. 

GoogleMyBusiness is rebranding as Google Business Profile, and Google relocates features to Maps and Search.

Google has just announced a rebranding of its Google My Business tool to, simply, “Google Business Profile”. The new update makes it easier to update your Business Profile directly from Google products you already use. Now you can create Google posts, reply to reviews, add photos and update business information right from Google Search and Maps.

Basically, Google makes more convenient ways to update your business profile, keep tabs on your online presence, and increase business owners’ engagement with their listings.

Note: Please keep in mind that if you are already using OBENAN Local Listings solutions, you won’t need to update the information; all your listings will be consistently distributed every 30 minutes.

By the way, this is not the first time Google is changing the GoogleMyBusiness name; Google has made so many transformations throughout last decade. has nicely represented it in the infographic below of the historical evolution of Google My Business.

googlemybusiness diagram

Google Business Profile Products “Mark As Special” For Top Placement

New Google Business Profiles will add a new check box for products. An option named “mark as special” will indicate that product at the top of the page in Google Search.

As you can see, Google says, “products marked Special are shown at the top of the page.” This means the products will show at the top of the business profile page on Google Search and Google Maps.

This new update isn’t live yet, but we assume that Google will begin to update it in some specific regions in the upcoming weeks.

google business profile products

Messaging with customers just got easier

Another valuable update from Google is messaging directly on Google Maps and Google Search. The customers engage with merchants is by chatting with them. More and more people are turning to chat conversations with local businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to global retailers. Now, you can also see and respond to messages right from your Business Profile on Google Search.

Keep it in mind, as we have recently mentioned in Local SEO Tips, responding to customers messages will help to increase your visibility.

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New Message Button on Google Post 

As more people try to make more informed decisions before leaving the house, Google has seen an uptick in the number of messages sent to businesses. Since the beginning of this year, people have initiated more than twice as many messages to merchants right from Business Profiles on Search and Maps.

To make it even easier for customers to get the information they want from businesses, Google is now adding more ways for people to initiate messages with local businesses. In addition to clicking on the “Message” button on your Business Profile, customers can now start a conversation from any Google post you create. 

Important Tip: If a customer tries to call your business and you don’t answer, they will now be prompted to send a message.

Google Post New Design Updates

Monitor your business performance directly on Google Maps and Search

Google is also rolling out more free tools on Google Maps and Search that will help you understand how your business is performing and how you can enhance your online presence. In addition, business owners and managers will see a revamped performance page with new customer interaction insights. This page will provide refreshed monthly metrics and evolve to share more valuable data with business owners over the coming months.

All of these features will be available on an upgraded merchant interface that will offer helpful recommendations about how you can improve your Google presence—whether it’s adding information to your Business Listings, responding to recent customer reviews.

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Claim and verify your Business Profile directly on Google

You can now easily claim and verify your Business Profile directly on Google Search or the Google Maps app. For example, search for your business by name, and you’ll see an option to claim and verify the associated Business Profile. Once your business is verified, you can edit your business’ information, including the address, store hours, photos and more. 

Everyone Gets New Attributes

It seems like Google constantly releases new attributes, and that’s for a good reason. Attributes allow you to include additional information, such as accessibility options and amenities. It tells customers more about your business. For example: “Has Wi-Fi” or “Take-out.”
Why? Google is always looking for ways to help businesses stand out and better satisfy a query. Features like the Black-owned or Women-owned business attributes, for example, help searchers who are looking to support businesses with shared value make these connections.

Remember that attributes are dynamic and can change anytime, and should be retrieved often. Because all the directories that include Google treat the attributes subjectively, Google relies on Google users’ opinions who have visited your business and changes the information according to their feedback, which is not always accurate. If you are using the OBENAN Local Listings solution, you don’t have to worry about that; we will push all your attributes and dozens of other pieces of information every 30 minutes across the search engine ecosystem but you need to ensure that you have no unfilled attributes left in your listings panel.


Google New Attributes

Important Tip: Google and all the directories, search engines try to collect the data about your locations to be able to respond to the user’s search queries. That’s why it’s noteworthy to stay on top of optimising your business listings on the search and keep all the pieces of Local Listings information entirely accurate and consistent.

Does your business serve a local area, and do you want to get found on the search? Do you need to get your local business located on the search ecosystem through Local SEO? Then, get in touch with us, and let us guide you to win online with our powerful solutions.