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Review Management

Review Management

Explore the most advanced AI-powered review management software for local businesses! We scrape your reviews from over 85+ online platforms and bring them into one panel to analyze them with natural language processing technology to identify depth data about your online reputation and automate your duties.

AI-Powered auto review respond

Automate your local business reviews with intelligent automation. Create a supervised or unsupervised workflow to respond to your reviews better than any proficient human in 23 languages at the native level.

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Automate review task creation

Automate Review Task Creation is an excellent solution for any enterprise location! This innovative development allows you to automatically generate review tasks for any review rating to stay on top of your operation. Monitor each negative feedback by assigning it automatically to the related department, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. So streamline your review process today and make your life easier with Automate Review Task Creation!

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Automatically respond to your past reviews

Automate to respond to all your previous reviews to increase the credibility of your local business for algorithm and potential customers. All your reviews will be responded to automatically at random times by the obenan intelligent algorithm.

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AI-Powered emotion analysis

Emotion AI analyses review sentiment to understand your customer’s feelings. We use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer reviews and determine the sentiment behind them. Identify customer pain points, measure customer satisfaction and explore potential growth opportunities.

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