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“Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years. Running a fitness business, you understand how important it is to ensure that you’re bringing new customers in the door each and every month. There’s other marketing ways to accomplish this feat, but none can be as rewarding as the power of search engine optimization. Ranking on the first page convince people that your gym is popular and reputed.

increase your fitness visibility on google with obenan software

Optimizing Your Website

89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience on a website. Your website needs to be indexed on all search engines else your site won’t rank for any keywords at all. OBENAN Web Optimiser Software will notify you about potential issues such as security leaks, broken links, which keywords you are ranking for, etc. so that you can easily and quickly detect and fix all of these problems. 

Optimise your website with obenan software
Optimise Visibility for all Your Brand’s Locations with obenan software

Voice Search Optimization is a Must

Hound, Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Viv, Dragon Mobile Assistant, and a dozen others are blowing up the voice interface market. 88% of consumers are likely to use driving directions after making a voice search. Sport and Fitness organizations are missing out on a large opportunity to increase customer volumes by leveraging Voice Search as part of a comprehensive strategy. With OBENAN Local Listings Software you will ensure that your fitness online presence is well optimized for Voice Search.

Local SEO Should be Top of Your List

Local SEO statistics include the 70 to 80% of people who completely ignore paid advertisements. One essential factor of your ranking is the accuracy of your business listings (citations) on online platforms. If you don’t have the correct citations, you can’t play the game. Manage your business listings with OBENAN Local Listing Software across all the online platforms in one single dashboard

With obenan software you can update All Your citations Automatically
Improve Your Local Business Rating with obenan Software

Build Citation to Boost Your Organic Ranking

As said before, citations are considered a ranking factor for Local SEO. All search engines rely on information provided by online directories. If your listed business information is consistent and accurate across many trusted sites, search engines will see you as more essential and rank your business higher. With OBENAN Local Listing Software, you will be able to monitor and manage all your businesses within a single platform.

Citation Also is Your Online Reputation

Citations go beyond just being a ranking factor. Therefore it’s also important to make sure your business is listed on any sites where customers may search for you. If a customer searches for your fitness business and finds different variations of your business information, they may become skeptical and lose confidence in dealing with your company. This may raise concerns that you might not be a reliable or trustworthy business. Citations alone aren’t going to get you ranking in the number one spot without putting the work in elsewhere.

With obenan Local Listings Tool you can easily manage multiple locations and leverage the latest engagement features to stay connected to customers.
All Your Reviews in One Place Review Management Software obenan

Reviews Are the New Word-of-Mouth

Customers need social proof before they choose your fitness business. They want to know that other people tried it and had a good experience – and these all come in the form of customer reviews. With OBENAN Review Management Software, you will monitor your reviews across all the online platforms and review sites within a single platform. Keep customers engaged by responding to reviews directly from one dashboard in no time.

Responding the Reviews Plays a Big Role in Ranking

Responding to reviews is just as important as gathering reviews. In fact, it’s even more important! Responding to reviews is not only a ranking factor; it can also increase customer retention and your online reputation. With OBENAN Review Management Software, you can ensure that you never miss a review on a single platform. 

Offline Reviews Increase Your Business
overview findability score obenan citation management software

Are Your Fitness is Ready for Voice Search

Voice Search Visibility is essential for the completeness of your fitness business’ SEO duties. If you’re managing multiple locations, you probably don’t know where to begin. You don’t need to be an SEO expert. OBENAN’s all-in-one platform does the hard work for you and optimizes your business for future searches

Analyze Your Location’s Performance

OBENAN Advanced Analytics Tool brings together relevant data such as customer feedback, reviews, and competitors’ performance from different sources into one single page and then analyses them with a smart algorithm that ties to location objectives. These data are essential for contemporary business. Gathering information from various sources allows you to analyze your own performance and strategy. OBENAN Analytics features are intuitive and super easy to use

obenan software connect you to 'Near Me' customer searchers
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If you want to be discovered on the search to get more foot traffic to your business you must invest in Local SEO by keeping all your business information consistent and accurate on all the search engine eco-system. OBENAN Local Listings Software will get you started. Click here to learn more about it.

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Review management software will boost your reputation, raises your Local SEO ranking, and saves time. Learn how to OBENAN Review Management will increase your ranking

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What happens to a website that never gets optimised for search and conversion? It dies! Your competitors have data and processing power on their side, so why shouldn’t you? Click here to learn more about our Web Optimiser Tool

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