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OBENAN Review Management Tool collects all your reviews from dozens of online platforms and brings them into one single dashboard that allows you to reply, monitor and manage. Obenan Review Management software does far more than just collecting reviews – you can also request reviews from visitors, send messages to customers, increase your local SEO ranking and save time by creating a streamlined communication process.

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Love Them or Hate Them, Online Reviews Are The Key to Success

When you search for a business, it won’t take you long to see what customers said about it. Most likely it’ll be one of the first results you see. Google takes review ratings and review responses from multiple sites into consideration when determining the order of businesses it returns in local searches.


Responding to your online reviews from multiple platforms and using specific keywords influence local search engine visibility more than any other factor. OBENAN’s Review Management Tool ensures that you’re not missing any reviews across dozens of online platforms. 

Responding Reviews Make You Look Trustworthy

People who leave reviews have nothing to gain or lose. They had an experience, good or bad, and want to share it. And guess what? People are going to listen. In fact, studies show that almost 90% of consumers trust online reviews and are checking the reviews and responses from the owner before they make a decision. Our smart analyzer tool allows you to analyze how negative and positive feedback influences your product demand and develop new ideas and strategies to achieve a more successful branding.

Reviews Are Essential for Purchasing Decisions

Consumers do their research before making any decision about your business. Reviews can offer a potential customer important insight from someone’s else’s experience before they decide to try your business out themselves or not. Almost 80% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. Before buying a product, eating at a new restaurant, or doing business with a company, people read reviews from competitors and take them into consideration. Our Competitor Analyse Tool will help you to analyse your competitors’ feedback and insufficient points by categories so you can optimise your business to always stay one step ahead.



The way you market your brand is important and having people talk about you is a great way to enhance your message. By encouraging positive conversations about your brand, you can quickly and clearly improve your marketing efforts. Obenan Messaging Module lets you create and send automated messages to engage with your customers.

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All Your Reviews in One Single Platform

Reviews have a substantial impact on your ranking in local search results; Obenan’s Review Management software collects all your reviews from dozens of online platforms and brings them into one single dashboard. This allows you to respond and filter and ultimately gives you a clear picture of your reputation by combining all your customer interactions into one single inbox.

Analyse Your Review Data

If you want to know how you rank among your competitors, you must have the ability to collect and view data. OBENAN Analytics will help you monitor growth and meet your review goals. The Review Data Analyser provides you with a library of customer data to target and improve the other parts of your business. With OBENAN, you can quickly resolve issues and use the information to prevent similar issues in other business locations.

OBENAN Local SEO Software
OBENAN Local SEO Software

Making Data-Driven Decisions

We bring you the most convenient and ahead of time location performance analyzing tool. Data-driven decision making (DDDM) is defined as using facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with your goals, objectives, and initiatives. With this one-of-a-kind performance tool, you get a full overview of your location traffic, see the impact of your efforts, and can take necessary actions based on data.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competition

OBENAN’s Advanced Analyser Tool will enable you to compare your performance with competitors and get actionable insights on how to stay ahead. Monitoring your competitors performance is key to improving your business and monitoring the weaknesses and developing interactive targets can help to encourage growth within your business. Take control of your business, build self-reliance within your marketing efforts and see the value of your performance with Advanced Analytics.

OBENAN Local SEO Software
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Connect with Your Consumers

The Messaging module lets you create and send messages (in the form of an email) to specific visitors by using filters like age, gender, number of visits at your location and more. Start by clicking the “Add new message” button, and you will be guided through the steps. You can choose either an existing template or design your own and filter your messages by gender, location, birthday and more…

Improve Your Rating With Review Request Tool

OBENAN’s Review Request Software sends an e-mail to your visitors a day after they have visited your location. They are asked to choose a thumbs up or thumbs down. A guest that gives you a thumbs up is redirected to a review site of your choice (e.g Google Map, Booking or TripAdvisor). The thumbs down guests will be sent to a private survey which redirects the negative feedback to a private email. Your review channels can be kept cleaner and you have the opportunity to reach out directly to unhappy visitors and win back their custom. 

Improve Your Local Business Rating with obenan Software
Offline Reviews Increase Your Business

Utilising Reviews to Improve Offline Sales

One simple way to take advantage of your reviews is by thinking of them as a connection to your digital marketing plans. Encouraging consumers to express their thoughts via online reviews and quickly responding to them not only shows appreciation for their feedback, but this is also the easiest way to encourage Google to rank your business at the top of the results page. Google wants to show business’ that have given their consumers and customers a positive experience.

Rank Higher in Google Local Search

Every time your potential customers use words such as ‘best’, ‘top’, ‘great’ and ‘highest rated’, Google will show them businesses with a review rating of 4.0 or higher in the results first. The higher the review score of your business location, the more likely it is to reach “nearby” customers. Online reviews have become more important than ever. Review sites affect local rankings and have a strong influence. OBENAN Reputation Manager Software can automate review monitoring throughout more than 50 platforms to ensure you never miss any important feedback.

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