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According to Think with Google, 97% of those surveyed search online to find local businesses, and 64% of mobile restaurant searches are later converted into immediate or within the hour visits. Investing in SEO is a must for restaurants nowadays. OBENAN’s software can be used for locality, structured data, customer satisfaction and web optimisation so that you can boost the rankings for your single or multi-location restaurant chain.

obenan increase restaurant visibility on google

The Recipe for Local SEO for Restaurants is Quite Complicated

Within the last two year period there has been a 200% growth in mobile searches for “open” + “now” + “near me”. (Think with Google) Your goal is to rank on the first page and to convert the searches into customers – but there are first some important steps you need to complete. Start by defining the geographic area you want to own. This will help to shape your SEO and content strategies. Next, research what keyword terms and phrases your audience uses through Google Keyword Planner. Then input import keywords into OBENAN’s Keywords Panel and save it. By maximising visibility of your keywords to the search engine, this will propel your restaurant to the top of the search results.

With obenan software you can update All Your citations Automatically
Citations are a key ranking factor for local search.

Pay attention to any platform Google is citing as a resource

Be sure the information of your restaurant is complete, accurate and precisely same across all the online platforms. Local Listings Tool linked all the directories that Google is searching for your listings. OBENAN Local Listing Tool offers opportunities for building more high-value structured citations of your location and maintain accurate data of your operation at anywhere your business is mentioned online. Track the rankings of your restaurant on Google, analyse advance detail report and many more features will give you a huge opportunity to get more visibility in Search.

Explore Every Profile Field That OBENAN Tools is Giving You

All information you will fill in OBENAN dashboard has a dual Purpose. To be visible on the platforms that your consumer base uses so that they can find accurate information about your business and connect with it. To ensure that search engines like Google find a broad and accurate representation of your business around the web on quality platforms, increasing your chances of ranking well in the local SERPs for important terms. Make sure that both consumers and search engines are being properly informed about your business anywhere it’s published on the web.

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obenan software connect you to 'Near Me' customer searchers

Reviews are the New Word-of-Mouth Marketing

When it comes to choosing a restaurant, 80% of people make a decision based on search results and 92% are reading online reviews. Plus, if people are performing local searches, 70% are visiting a location within that same hour. With OBENAN Review Management Tool you will be able to overview, manage and reply all the reviews from different platforms in one page. Analyze customer satisfaction score by topic and ensure that you’re not missing any unresponded review.

Responding Reviews are Like Gold for the Search Engine

Google has confirmed that responding to reviews helps your business’s search ranking. Once you understand the importance and impact of online solicit reviews your business gets the opportunity to retain a customer. Reviews have a massive impact on traffic to your restaurant through search results page. Google doesn’t only analyse the reviews on Google Map but all the other online platforms, as well. All those reviews can be difficult to tackle. That’s why we offer a tool where you can manage all in one place.

obenan Listings management software improves your customer's brand experience
Do your 'Near Me' Strategy with obenan software

To Win Your Restaurant Customers Back

Responding reviews is not only good for search engine but also for your online reputation. Owner responses represent one of the greatest assets that shows your local restaurant has becoming an active contributor. It’s been estimated that it can cost up to 25x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Stay top of your online reputation and create your win-back strategies with OBENAN tools.

Optimise Your Restaurant for Voice Search

Voice search is changing the way Google handles search queries. It has gained mileage because it is more convenient for a user to speak with an assistant than to type. The results of voice queries are also faster. People are always on the go and looking for a restaurant in which to dine is a perfect fit for voice search technology. it makes sense to optimize your restaurant for this position. According Uberall report only 4% of business locations are ready for voice search

reputation management software
Improve Your Local Business Rating with obenan Software

Restaurants Can Take Massive Advantage of the Voice Search

The one of the most important factors for Voice Search is inconsistencies listings across various online directories. It’s essential for the accuracy and completeness of your restaurant information across all the platforms. Missing headings, broken links, poor loading speed, and lack of keyword optimization all harm your Voice Search Visibility. It’s difficult to fix a problem when you can’t identify it. You don’t need to be an SEO expert. OBENAN all-in-one platform does the hard work for you and presents clear, prioritized actions to you to optimize your business for future search.

Measure the Success of Your Restaurants Locations

OBENAN Advanced Analytics Tool brings together relevant data such as customers feedbacks, reviews, competitors performance from different sources in one page and analyse them with smart algorithm that ties to location objectives. Those datas are essential for the contemporary restaurant businesses. Gathering information from various sources, which you can use to analyse your own performance. Thanks to the user-friendly OBENAN analytics features are super easy to use. Filter data by time, location and browse to the information you want to access.

obenan software connect you to 'Near Me' customer searchers
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If you want to be discovered on the search to get more foot traffic to your business you must invest in Local SEO by keeping all your business information consistent and accurate on all the search engine eco-system. OBENAN Local Listings Software will get you started. Click here to learn more about it.

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Review management software will boost your reputation, raises your Local SEO ranking, and saves time. Learn how to OBENAN Review Management will increase your ranking

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What happens to a website that never gets optimised for search and conversion? It dies! Your competitors have data and processing power on their side, so why shouldn’t you? Click here to learn more about our Web Optimiser Tool

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