Power of the SEO Edited Images for Local SEO

Photos are often the first interaction consumers have with your business. Whether pictures of your business or products, it’s essential to know that your photos set the standard for customer expectations.

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    Investing in high-quality photos can set your business apart from your competition and entice consumers to visit your business. Take a look at these statistics to see the power behind having an optimized photo presence on Google:


    • Businesses with more than 100 images get 520% more calls than the average business, while those with just one image get 71% fewer.
    • Businesses with more than 100 images get 2,717% more direction requests than the average business, while those with just one get 75% fewer.
    • Businesses with more than 100 images get 1,065% more website clicks than the average business, while those with just one get 65% fewer.

    Getting your business to appear on the first page of localized search results is not only an ongoing challenge but indeed, to be chosen among businesses in your industry is another important ranking signal for Google’s local algorithm. 

    OBENAN Local SEO Software

    For example, if someone searches for a business and your store appeared at the top of the Google 3 pack. (Top three results for local SERP results.) The customer clicked your location and gave up and clicked the second result because images of your business weren’t charming enough. After clicking the second business, if the customer took action such as “request direction”, “website visit”, or “phone call”, you would lose the ranking being on the top, and the second business will gain the ranking that you lose. After a couple of similar actions, your location will probably drop to the second result, maybe third, because Google’s local algorithm focuses on the customer’s perspective. If no one takes action each time when your business appears on the top result, that’s mean you shouldn’t be on the first page.

    Now that you know what is the power of the images.

    OBENAN Local SEO Software

    But you have no authority over your Google My Business Images, Google Does! 

    One of the features of GMB is that it relies on consumer-generated content like reviews and photos to bring in more customers to your business. Unfortunately, this means businesses can’t always control the content being added to their GMB listings. For example, you don’t have much control of the featured photos on your GMB listing. Google tries to highlight the images that best showcase the type of experience consumers can expect when visiting your business.

    However, this doesn’t always mean the photo you want to be highlighted will be chosen by Google’s algorithm. Here’s what you can do to take back control of your GMB photos.

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    How to Take Back The Control of Images on Local Search Results

    Google does a surprisingly good job of understanding what an image depicts. However, Google has no way to determine the content of the image if there is no information aren’t present.

    Adding the metadata known as geotagging information on images will improve your possibilities of ranking higher on a specific image in local search results and getting the click-throughs and more direction requests you need. Take a look at the example below.

    Image upload by customer

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    SEO Edited Images upload by the owner

    SEO edited images

    GeoTagging Images for Local SEO

    GeoTagging is the process of adding geographical coordinates and information to your images in the form of metadata (data about the data). 

    It helps users and search engines to know the geographical location of your business. It’s assigning longitude, latitude to optimize your business listings on local search engine result pages. 

    One of the easiest ways to geocode an image is using one of the top web tools, GeoImgr. You can upload a photo, then add various elements such as titles, descriptions/captions, tags and associate images with locations by dragging them over a map:

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    When you map photos via GeoImgr, they take the longitude and latitude geocoordinates associated with the map location. Now your images are ready to upload on GoogleMyBusiness. If you are using OBENAN Local Listings Software, your Geotagged images will be uploaded on GoogleMyBusiness and distributed to more than 50 online directories.

    Those images will gain rank and appear at the top of your business profile. Moreover, Google Maps also reads in syndicated feeds of the photos from those online platforms distributed by OBENAN Listings Software and then can use the geocoordinates to pinpoint them in the images layer in Maps.

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    If you are not using OBENAN Local Listings software, here are the 3 types of photos businesses can upload to their GMB listing.

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    1. Logo – This will help customers recognize your business on Google.
    2. Cover Photo – By uploading a cover photo, it tells Google you would like this photo to be your preferred image to display on your listing. Uploading a cover photo does not guarantee it will be the first photo, but this photo will tell Google how you would like to showcase your business.
    3. Additional Photos – Add additional photos to help showcase the different features of your business.

    The Bottom Line:

    Images have already become such a fundamental part of the way we search for things that we barely can imagine how to do without them. Image SEO is a great way to maximize the impact of your business and improve your visibility in search. Photos also clue consumers in on the experience they’re going to receive. Want to know how your brand can drive more foot traffic and generate more leads? Please get in touch with us.