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Google’s Insights has reported a 900%+ growth in mobile searches for “near me”, 200%+ growth in mobile searches for “Open” + “now” and “near me”  in the past two years. This incredible increase in “near me” searches shows just how important Local SEO is to the success of brick and mortar stores. According to Think With Google, 76% of local mobile searches for something nearby result in a same-day in-store visit. If you want to boost your online visibility you need to keep your location data consistent across all the online platforms, directories and navigation services.

OBENAN Local SEO Software

Update All Your Listings Automatically

If you have a local business, there are different online platforms (directories) that show your information. There are more than 50 important directories that each local business needs to update their listings on such as – address, opening hours, website URL, e-mail, telephone number, keywords, company descriptions, logo, photos, landscape photo, payment methods, services, languages etc. We offer a Local Listing Software, which allows you to keep all your data consistently accurate on all essential directories within a single platform.  

With obenan software you can update All Your citations Automatically
Citations are a key ranking factor for local search.

Citations are a Key Ranking Factor for Local Search!

All your business information needs to be exactly the same, accurate and up to date. This is the only way Google can trust your business and rank you at the top of the list. In SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) this is called citation. If you need to change your closing time for a special day, you need to go through over 50 different platforms otherwise your rankings will drop significantly in Google. Monitor, manage and analyse your citations across all platforms within one single dashboard.

Strengthening  Trust  and Your Reputation 

Local listings tool also improves your customer’s brand experience. If your customers show up to closed doors due to incorrect opening hours, this will impact your sales and their experience. The better quality and more detailed citations a business has online, the higher the business’ placements will be in local search engine results pages. When any of your brand’s locations have missing or incorrect entries on platforms, such as multiple variations in business names, this will damage your local search ranking, confuse the algorithm and destroy your customers brand experience. 

obenan Listings management software improves your customer's brand experience
Optimise Visibility for all Your Brand’s Locations with obenan software

Optimise Visibility for all Your Brand’s Locations

To boost online visibility, there are a few tried-and-true tactics. When consumers search for your products or services, we want to show Google that your business is worthy to appear at the top of search results. One of the simplest ways to do this is by keeping your location’s data consistent across all the online platforms, directories and navigation services. Only then can search engines rely on your business, and will increase your visibility to reach out to thousands of potential customers that haven’t yet discovered you.

The Direct Line to Google in Real Time

Be there when customers search for your business on Google Search and Maps. With the Local Listings Tool, you will entirely control the features onboard to manage your online existence and appearance. Craft your brand images and publish steady data across all platforms.

With obenan Local Listings Tool you can easily manage multiple locations and leverage the latest engagement features to stay connected to customers.
Do your 'Near Me' Strategy with obenan software

The Benefits of ‘Near Me’ Strategy is Priceless!

We never wait to improve and upgrade your online visibility. After you complete your data, you’ll be functioning in about two weeks. You will get immediate feedback on customers’ clicks, visits, sales, thoughts, impressions, etc. Right away! There are so many touchpoints where consumers contact your brands, like checking your information on different platforms or asking Siri for directions. Our network connects you with online platforms and directories leading in the ‘Near me’ customer odyssey.

Overview Findability Score

The findability score will give you insight into how your business performs throughout the year. The more profile information you inputted in our local listings dashboard, the higher the findability score you will have. Entering all missing data fields will contribute to your profile completeness, and therefore your findability score increase significantly. This score is equivalent to your business discovery rate on the map

overview findability score obenan citation management software
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