What is Local Listing Management

Do you remember that thing called the Yellow Pages? 

Yes, that big, yellow print directory that used to list all the telephone numbers of residents and local businesses for you to skim through before finally finding what you were looking for?

A directory that used to be the lifeline for not just business owners, looking to advertise their services in their local market, but also for agog consumers looking to fulfill their needs.

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What is Local Listing Management?

Local listing management is the process of constantly checking and updating the information pertaining to a business’s location, website, and other related data on online directories.

In addition to some online business directories like Google, Yelp, and Yahoo, the information must also be maintained on popular public-facing platforms such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc. 

OBENAN Local Listings enables shops, restaurants, doctors, gas stations, museums, hospitals and every other local business or public institution to automatically optimize their online presence on search engines. Using OBENAN Local Listings Software, you ensure that your business will be found as quickly and most frequently as possible when users search for directions, opening hours, reviews, recommendations or events. More details can be found on the product page on our website.

How does OBENAN Local Listing work?

In the Listings, under the Listings tab all of your location data is stored and managed in the cloud. you can simply add, edit or remove data of your physical location. By saving the data we’ll automatically update your business information and share it across all (online) platforms. 

Since Listings is cloud-based, the data is always up-to-date and accessible anywhere, anytime. That’s how simple to manange your buisness information with OBENAN Local Listing Software.

What benefits of OBENAN Local Listing Software?

Local Listings will help you for getting more physical traffic. This starts with acquiring new customers through local search and ends with Managing Reviews. OBENAN Local Listings allows to update and manage location data out of a central platform in all channels relevant to you and your customers – this requires considerably less time and effort compared to manually entering the data for each location and platform. With all our partners, the company and location data is synchronized daily, updated if required, and protected against manipulation by third parties. Therefore, the location information is consistent everywhere and the listing is always up to date. 

Which Directories does Listings collaborate with?

OBENAN Local Listing collaborates with the major, most high-reach online channels, rating and review sites, navigation systems, apps and social networks. We place the client companies in as many relevant channels as possible to achieve maximum visibility. Listings tries to upload as much data as possible. However, it ranges between platforms which data is actually accepted, based on the platform capabilities.

Which information will I be able to include in the listings?

Address, opening hours, URL, e-mail, telephone number, keywords, company descriptions (short and long text), social media profiles, logo, photos, landscape photo, payment methods, services, business attributes, languages, special events, offers and deals.

Why is a local reference important for my business?

Over 30% of all searches are carried out within a local context. To help your business be found by customers in your area, you should be listed with correct details on as many local channels as possible.

Most small businesses have a clear local or regional focus and, therefore, aim to appeal to people from the immediate surroundings. OBENAN Local Listings is an effective way of presenting your business with always up-to-date and consistent information on the relevant portals and, thus, optimizing your business’ online presence.

Does OBENAN Listings replace search engine optimization (SEO)?

OBENAN Local Listing aims at maximizing the online visibility of your business. By listing your business with correct and consistent details on as many channels as possible, your business becomes more relevant for search engines like Google and will be found more easily.

SEO involves many other measures, such as optimizing your website. But Listings perfectly complements traditional SEO and can be considered the first important step to maximizing your business’ online visibility. And it is much less expensive by doing your offside optimization with OBENAN All in Local SEO Software.

How does OBENAN Local Listing improve my ranking on Google?

The higher the number of consistent listings a search engine identifies of your business, the more likely it is the information is evaluated as accurate, up-to-date and important. Accordingly, the search engine concludes that your business is relevant to search queries in your area.

Adding the right category and keywords will improve search results and therefore traffic. In addition, you are listed in the Google-owned channels “Google My Business” and “Google Maps”. This also has a positive effect on your search ranking

I don’t have a website. Do I get any benefits from Local Listing?

You can always get a great benefit by using OBENAN Local Listing Software. If you don’t have a website, you should still be present where your customers are looking for you because directories work independently. Enter the address, photos, and special offers of your business or your local branch and get listed in all major online channels at the push of a button! Thus, OBENAN Local Listing helps you to significantly increase the visibility of your business, especially if you do not have a website.

How do I create the location listing?

You can create your business listing within a very short period of time. After signing up for the OBENAN Local Listing Software, all you need to make one entry and your business informations. We ensure that it will be distributed to the directories and most important online channels.

If any location details ever change or you decide to provide additional services, you are able to update your business listing yourself immediately. All data is automatically updated in each of the channels which saves a lot of time and effort. OBENAN Local Listing will make your business visible where people searching to find your business.

Does OBENAN Local Listing create a new Facebook page?

If you don’t have a Facebook page, OBENAN Local Listing will automatically create a so-called ‘unofficial’ page. This is a company profile that shows details such as name, address, phone number, website, description, opening hours, category, profile photo. If desired, an ‘unofficial’ page can be connected to Listings, claimed, and converted into an official company profile. If a Facebook page already exists, it will be detected and can be connected to OBENAN Local Listing Tool.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google.

In 2014, Google merged several services under the new offer of Google My Business. By using Google My Business, small and medium businesses are able to significantly improve their visibility in local Google searches with little effort. In an individual account all of your company’s contact details are entered, which then also appear on Google Maps and Google Search.

Does OBENAN Listings create a new Google My Business page?

If you don’t have Google My Business, Google will automatically create one. You need to claim your business. Clik here to learn how to claim your busines on Google.  After you claim your business, Google will send a verification code to the registered business address, or a phone call given to the business phone with automatic transmission of the verification PIN. The verification code needs to be entered into the Google My Business account in order to complete the verification process. If you already have a Google My Business profile, it will appear as “claimed by others”. For Listings to be able to update the profile with the most recent information, you need to be added as an administrator.

What is Bing Places?

This service of Bing is largely comparable to Google My Business. After inputting all data and contact details at Bing Places, the information will appear in the Bing search results. The information displayed corresponds to the equivalent of what is shown on Google. Apart from your address – which is of course shown in Bing Maps – you may also specify your business hours. We always advise to save a phone number so that your customers are able to reach you. In addition, the URL of your company’s website is very useful, as well as links to the business profiles on Facebook, Twitter or Google. To further increase the attractiveness of your Bing Places account, it is possible to integrate photos of your business or the products or services you offer. With outside shots of your business your customers may find the location more easily, and an appealing photo of a product increases the desire to buy!

Which content is published on Instagram?

If you sign up for our service, all photos that are marked with your business’ geotag will be collected. Hence, you will gain a quick overview of all images that were published about your company.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a social location-based platform. If your (potential) customer is, for example, in a restaurant, he or she can check in on the Foursquare app. Like this, he/she can let friends know of his/her location, write a review of the location and simultaneously share everything via Facebook or Twitter.