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SEO changes around the clock. The hotel niche has been one of the most competitive niches for some time now, with individual hotels and hotel chains competing against OTA (online travel aggregators) and price comparison booking sites. Google has since increased its own assets in the marketplace, with a number of changes to how it presents hotels within search over the past year. Hotels that want to stay ahead of the competition and drive more rankings, traffic, and bookings should use these crucial local SEO strategies which include maintaining business listings (citations), optimizing the website, and using reputation management to encourage more reviews. OBENAN can provide you with assistance on using all of these magical tools and more all in one.

Increase your buiness visibility with obenan

Google Local Search Knowledge Panels

Google has added a knowledge panel tab to local searches which assign grades to hotels based on their location. Google’s local search based on location becomes one of the most important SEO factors for the Hospitality & Accommodation industry ever. In the end, Hotels thrive on physical traffic so it’s essential for the industry to complete its Local SEO duties. OBENAN all-in-one tools offer all you need in one single platform.

obenan SEO software increase hotel ranking
With obenan software you can update All Your citations Automatically

Take Advantage of Local Listing Tool

More than 50 directories in one dashboard! Google will use Map Pack results to provide the best hotels in the area requested. You need to ensure your hotel appears on the map and in other directories. It is vital to have up-to-date information, keywords, and description of your location across all the important directories. Once you filled in all that information on our local listings panel, we ensure to update all the online platforms.

Assign Your Keywords to Every Directory

Keywords are one of the crucial components of SEO. They are particular words and phrases that people are using to find your location. When a potential customer wants to search for hotels in Berlin, they might type something like “hotels in Berlin”, “hotel near me”, or “cheap hotels in Berlin” etc into the search bar. Find out what your target keywords are with Google Keyword Planner and then import this list of keywords into OBENAN Keyword Panel. We will then publish your target keywords across all the directories. 

Citations are a key ranking factor for local search.
Optimise Visibility for all Your Brand’s Locations with obenan software

Optimize and Track Your Website

Your audience is snappy and impatient and you have to acknowledge that. Eye-opening website statistics show that 88% of online visitors who wouldn’t return to a website are having a bad user experience. OBENAN Web Optimiser Tool will track your website performance and show you what improvements need to be made, how it performs on mobile devices, and more. You’ll be able to recognize potential problems quickly, and therefore know how to fix these issues and how your website can be better SEO optimized.

How Does Google Decide Which Hotels to Put in the Local Pack?

We know there’s a purpose behind the order in which Google displays the hotels in the Local Pack. We also know that being first is a very good thing. The question then must be asked: how do you become first? Local SEO focuses on bringing organic search traffic to your website through features on Google that relate to the potential guest’s geographic position and geographic search. This is where our Listings Tool comes in.

Do your 'Near Me' Strategy with obenan software
Do your 'Near Me' Strategy with obenan software

Citations are a foundational element.

Google expects the hotel’s information to be published in specific places and all the listings to be accurate and up-to-date. With OBENAN Listings Tool you will be able to maintain proper and accurate citation of your locations across every single online platform in one dashboard. 

Reviews Impact Local Search Ranking

Google wants to deliver a great user experience on its search results page for the person doing the search – it aims to provide the searcher with good businesses close to their current location or area. In terms of local search, Google wants to show businesses that are real-world equivalents of positive user experiences, and the way that Google makes this determination is by analyzing reviews and the responses. 

All Your Reviews in One Place Review Management Software obenan
Web Optimiser Tool will display all your backlinks visually

How Does Google Use Reviews

Google values review responses even more than the reviews themselves. Responding to reviews is an excellent way to increase the click-through rate when you show up in a search engine. With OBENAN Review Management Software you will have an overview of all your reviews from all the different platforms in one single dashboard. You can read, analyze and reply to them all on one page. 

Influence of Reviews on Local Search Ranking

You may take a look at your Google Reviews for your hotel and see that you have 900 total reviews and an average score of 4.8. Obviously, this disproves Google is using reviews as a ranking signal, right? Wrong. Fresh reviews carry more weight than old reviews. A business will not have its rankings penalized because of an issue that caused a flurry of bad reviews four years ago. 

Offline Reviews Increase Your Business
Improve your business with review management tool

Collect New Reviews With OBENAN Review Request Tool

Your hotel has amassed some bad reviews, but the issue has already been resolved? If you’ve now got nothing but good reviews coming in, Google will have greater confidence in showing your hotel in the search results as it knows the current user experience is going to be just fine. With OBENAN Review Request Tool you can encourage guests to leave reviews. And the best part of the Review Request Tool is that you can direct the rating to the platform of your choice. If the customer rating is negative, the review can be sent directly to your private email, meaning you can engage with the unhappy guests and fix the problem.

Backlinks Impact Local Search Rankings

To improve ranking in local search results, the hotel needs to get backlinks not only from the standard directories and hotel listings but also from other local businesses and organizations. OBENAN Local Listings Software will create backlinks across all the essential online platforms. With OBENAN Web Optimiser Software you can oversee how many backlinks you have and which websites have mentioned your business, so you can create a target backlink strategy for your hotel. 

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overview findability score obenan citation management software

Competing For Your Own Brand

When someone searches for your hotel, your hotel is featured prominently on the results page. But Google doesn’t give you a fair chance to get the booking. It starts a process by showing over 10 websites (OTAs) that searchers can use to book a room. These are places where the hotel ends up paying a commission for the booked room, despite the fact that the searcher was looking for the hotel directly. This is extremely important for hotels completing their Local SEO duties. With OBENAN Software hotels can carry out their SEO duties and undertake improvements immediately. 

Hotel Local Intent Ranking Relies Upon 3 Key Elements

The first – relevance to the search being done. Second – proximity to the geographic location being searched. And third – fresh, positive reviews of the hotel. It’s time to realize there are many more areas on the results page in which to compete. Investing in OBENAN software will increase your relevance and authority and get the hotel in the organic search results – which eventually means performing better in the Local Pack. Make sure guests who are searching directly for your hotel are not stolen away by the OTAs.

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