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Single Location Business

Single Location Business

Digital marketing single location business

When a machine (actually, the algorithm behind it) decides which brand will show up and when it ranks in an online search, it is vital to the first market to the machine, putting your brand in front of your potential customer.

Artificial intelligence is getting more sophisticated!

You need to learn how to influence the machines to position your brand best in the algorithm’s eyes (logic). Artificial intelligence is getting more sophisticated, and we will be your best partner in figuring out how to deal with the complexities of the search engine.

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Voice searches are snowballing

Voice-activated assistants are overgrowing, and when your potential consumer asks Alexa or Siri for a “near me”, the voice search engine serves the brand based on some logic someone programmed it. If you don’t know how to show up right, Alexa or Siri may not even mention your brand, which will never enter the customer’s decision process. We will ensure that completing your duties with our powerful technologies.

Manage your business’s online reputation

We provide a Review Management Tool that collects all your reviews from 85 + websites and brings them into one dashboard that allows you to reply, analyze and get a powerful insight into your customer’s feedback.

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Manage your location’s information in the search ecosystem

Manage 137 online platforms in one single place. If you change opening hours in obenan, the entire web will be changed from Google to Facebook to TripAdvisor to 136 more directories.

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Intelligent automation

Save time by auto-responding the reviews, auto uploading the images daily to your Google Business Profile, and posting Google microblogging automatically will make your business listing on Google spotless and boost your Google views profoundly.

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