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Be visible with obenan

Manage your online duties, improve your online presence, and begin to increase your brand’s reputation.

We help local businesses to become visible in the search by adopting the technologies

Internet of behaviors (I0B)

We constantly process the data and analyze human online activities to look for patterns to implement the most advanced digital marketing strategies.

AI-Powered automation

Empower your multiple locations business with intelligent automation to accelerate digital transformation by auto-responding the reviews and distributing dozens of information about each location every 30 minutes to the entire search ecosystem.

Hyper-local marketing

Adopt a hyperlocal marketing approach to focus on a specific area and targets people in highly localized and address-specific regions to drive immediate foot traffic to your physical locations and capitalize on near-me searches.

Data analytics

Get benefits from tremendous advancements in data analytics and changes in consumer behavior's driven by mobile and social media. Then, bring in a new layer of that understanding to digital marketing that spanned all the way from digital targeting to customer satisfaction measurement metrics to calculating lifetime customer relationship values.

Voice search

Use the power of speech recognition and push the boundaries of digital marketing toward new frontiers. Voice-activated assistants will shift your customer behavior's. Show up in those environments and maintain your business presence in these emerging necessities to strengthen trust and drive business results.

Reputation management

Marketing is the brand talking about itself. Be at the top of your brand’s digital communications surrounding your location. When a review is posted, or social media post appears, it has the potential to create or destroy a brand, not let customer trust erode.

Voice of Customers

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Over thousands of sunny brands all around the world

From small locally-owned shops to large established multi-location businesses we have the technology to help you grow

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Our carbon removal contribution

Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is critical to counteract climate change, but the technology is currently lagging behind. A fraction of every purchase from obenan helps new carbon removal technologies scale

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